Military deployments in the Med, Possible strikes in Syria.


Possible strikes in Syria

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Update: Fifth DDG and French Navy Frigate, RAF fighters identified in Cyprus

Update: Russian warships heading toward Eastern Mediterranean.

Update: U-2 spyplanes spotted in Cyprus.

Update: Sixth US warship: LPD-17 USS San Antonio.

Update: USS Mahan is heading home after an 8 months deployment. 

Update: Russia sending signal-intelligence (SIGINT) ship in the Mediterranean.

Update: Russia: Some S-300 components delivered, deliveries are now suspended.

Update: French SIGINT airplanes, British E-3 AWACS in Cyprus. 

Update: New map on US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations vote.

Update: Syria accepts Russian proposition to put CW arsenal under int'l supervision.

Update: Russian Navy send another 3 ships in the region. 

Update: UK task force leave Med, plus new legend on the map. 

Update: Turkey shot down Syrian chopper that violated its airspace. 

Update: UK Type-45 destroyer to provide air defense for Cyprus.

Update: USS San Antonio rescued 128 immigrants 75nm South West of Malta.

Update: USS Nimitz CVN and USS Mobile Bay CG in the Med. 


 Clik for larger resolution,  This map can be complemented by our last Syrian uprising map.

Map by LMV, all rights reserved (see Contact/Our maps)
Military strikes in Syria are more likely than ever, after more than two years of bloody repression and most lately unleashed civil war. The massive use of chemical weapons in Gouhta last week by Bachar Al Assad has triggered serious responses from western presidents. The Syrian army has attempted to destroy evidence at the scene with heavy shelling and was reported starting fires to purify the atmosphere with the air movement generated. (source: french declassified report to the assemblée nationale)

Barack Obama is seeking congressional approval, the Committee on Foreign Relations has already voted;

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Map by LMV, all rights reserved (see Contact/Our maps)

4 Arleigh Burke class Destroyers are sailing in the area, The USS Mahan was allowed to head home after a 8 months deployment, since US lawmakers were called to vote.
Plus an unknown number of submarines.  
The USS Harry S. Truman was supposed to relieve the USS Nimitz, while the Nimitz was supposed to head home, but both carriers were ordered to stay in Arabian sea.
They are now reportedly moving closer to the red sea.

 The British task force that visited Gibraltar earlier this month was deployed in the region with the HMS Illustrious helicopter carrier, the HMS Bulwark LPD, and the HMS Montrose and HMS Westminster Type-23 frigates. After the vote in the parliament, British forces are on hold.
The UK has a Type-45 class destoyer in the region to provide air defense against Syrian aircraft (read below for more infos on Syrian aircraft bullying Cyprus garrison)

  France has deployed the Chevalier Paul Destroyer and the newly refitted Charles de Gaulle CVN is in port, waiting for orders. The French navy has sent two ATL-2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and SIGINT collecters in Cyprus.
  The USMC is now present in Eastern Mediterranean in the form of a San Antonio class LPD, with 800 Marines onboard and two CH-53 helicopters, this ship is another asset for potential NEO or TRAP missions realization. The LPD-17 crossed the Suez canal from the red sea and was supposed to head west, but was ordered to stay in the region "as precaution". It is one of the three ship carrying the 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit).


 Special Forces from NATO countries including the US, France and Britain, the three major actor of the current crisis, were deployed in Jordan earlier this year. They can be used as above, for early detection of targets and possibly destruction of missile sites, they can also be used to accomplish special missions like Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) or Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP).


 There are also strong evidence of military aircrafts deployments in the region;
-Multiple C-130 and 6 Eurofighter Typhoons arrived in Akrotiri British airbase in Cyprus.
The C-130 may be delivering high tech missiles and bombs as well as specialized airmens and spare parts for an upcoming air campaign over Syria, but this mission is usually accomplished by strategic transporters like C-17; so another way to explain the C-130 presence is by assuming that it is in fact USMC KC-130 deployed in Cyprus to support USMC F/A-18 fighters aboard carriers.
-US request to use two Greek airbases; Kalamata and Sounda airbases.
This can indicate that the US might launch a large scale bombing campaign and will send USAF fighters in reinforcements of the USN naval aviation aboard the two carriers.
 -Two U-2 spy planes were spotted in Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus


The situation is rapidly degrading in the region as far as air combat is involved;
-Earlier in 2012 a Turkish RF-4E reconnaissance aircraft was downed by Syrian IADS (as depicted in our previous map)
-On September 2, a flight of two Syrian SU-24 fighter/bomber jets were spotted by E-3 sentry AWACS and UK Typhoons as well as Turkish F-16 were scrambled to intercept them.
-On September 16 a Syrian chopper was shot down over Turkey by F-16 aircrafts.


 The Russian Federation is sending warships in the region: one Udaloy I, the Admiral Panteleyev antisubmarine destroyer and a total of two Ropucha I and II class landing ships.
As well as the Neustrashimy FFG the lead ship of her class.
The Admiral Panteleyev will be relieved in autumn by the Slava class cruiser Varyag

Russia has deployed a large number of amphibious transport ships, they might be used to transport the chemicals, or to evacuate Russian citizens if strikes were to take place.
But those amphibs deployments where also taking place before the start of the diplomatic crisis, therefore they might have delivered weapons and personnel in Syria.

Russia is also sending a Vishnya class SIGINT (SIgnal INTelligence) collecting ship in the the Mediterranean, such a ship can gather information on US Navy ships radars and communications.
Additionally, Russian warships can detect Missiles launch and possibly alert the Assad regime. 


 Russia has also sent a IL-76 transport aircraft from the Ministry for Emergency Situations (MES) in Latakia to evacuate 75 Russian citizens and 14 unknown. Already 730 people have been evacuated by the MES since the beginning of 2013. 
The Russian embassy in Syria said in February there were an estimated 30,000 Russians living in the country 

USAF C-32A in Geneva airport (credit: CIGeography)
Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva
(credit: CIGeography)

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov agreed on the baseline of an accord to identify and evacuate the chemical weapons of Syria



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