US Diplomatic missions security.

US Diplomatic missions security

And the Arab Spring

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After the deadly Benghazi attack that killed the US ambassador in Libya and 3 people in the middle of the presidential campaign, important steps have been achieved in diplomatic missions security;

                - A Special Purpose - Marine Air Ground Task Force  Crisis Response (SP-MAGTF CR)
was activated and deployed in April, in Spain at MorĂ²n Air Base. This force of about 550 Marines has 6 MV-22B Ospreys and 2 KC-130J tanker aircrafts, it is supposed to move within 6 hours of notification.
They may be scrambled soon if the unrest in Tripoli grows; after the French embassy bombing, militias had been surrounding ministries for two weeks and the US and the UK had already draw down part of their embassy staff in prevision of a possible evacuation.

               - Additionally, squad-level teams can be dispatched for immediate embassy security reinforcement, Those security reinforcement teams respond directly to calls from the ambassador, chief of mission or regional security officer.

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