Military situation in Syria (March 13)

Military Situation in Syria.

as of march 2013

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   The Syrian uprising was originally a peaceful protest for change during the Arab spring, but Assad's brutal repression led to an armed rebellion.
  On the first months of the uprising, Assad has led counter-insurgency operations, using its politically reliable forces in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).
The SAA has a total strength of about 220 000 soldiers, in which around 67 000 are "politically reliable" according to the ISW report (see Learn more).
  Soon, heavy losses in the politically reliable part of the army made Assad use militias: the "shabihas", led by relatives of Assad; and local militias the "popular committees", turning the conflict into a civil war.
  Death toll estimations varies between 70 000 and 120 000 deads in the 2 year conflict, 
with approximately 1 200 000 refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

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